Tuesday, June 9


Colors. I wonder, auroras, rangolis, blue painted houses, white Greece, the confluence of colors in Kanyakumari. Drab, drab world: where the sky above is grey, and the world below is in suits of black, or white, or somewhere in between. Bright, bright happiness, jumping out of every thread and sign and bustle: people's faces, not simply the sindoor or the jasmine, not the hibiscus or the blue and green mosque, not just the red flag proudly fluttering for all its small triangular size and not just the calendars fluttering in quiet shops with yawning owners and weary business: no, but life itself. Life, life, every shade, every subtlety, every truth.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

and a warmth, a sweetness that wrings at you- that pulls you to yourself :)

1:14 pm  

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