Thursday, February 21

Teri Chhoti Si Ek Bhul

We was always amused by the incongruity of it all. Why was we looked at like so? When we thought about myself, we couldn't find anything that was interesting, or that we had done wrong. When I went to the wall to merge into it, to get whitewashed, the same fabric as all, we found that somehow the brush never brushed us. How strange! Though I forced myself to stick as close to the wall as possible, we never found a particle sticking to me. I saw a girl and all of us love her, but it's so strange that while each gets his measure, I never do. I told you, it won't work, but it was you who goaded me to her. Now who will bear the blame? Not I, all of you can, not I. And I will continue to love her.
We wonder when is that we am getting the sun as all of you get, we wonder when is that we am going new places of which all of you tire of so soon, we wonder when is that this earth is inherited by me and not you, no not you...

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