Friday, January 16

rainbow & sprout

where were you running
the last time i saw you?
the floor checkerboards
hadn't subsided yet, and
ants were peeing in the cracks
barely begun, big black ones,
and now you say you were going?

no, we need to fill the concrete
and the black sky overhead
needs a sun, a moon, and some stars,
some sandpaper to make them dull
so that the house doesn't burn
for how much dazzle can it take?
Stoke the fire, the sprouts are withering.

paint the sky, paint the roof!
there, see the window? see that
old woman, gasping, red
trying to throw in the garbage,
while we were busy painting the whole
night and day, making our home;
keep the ears open, keep the eyes open.

People are so crazy, and so sad,
and we have become so miserable, we feel
helpless, and then we love each other:
show the world the seven-colored
shining rainbow, and we know now
everybody has to come home:
even that sleeping god.

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